We encourage all Members to follow recognised professional practice in communicating with clients on commercial matters. To help you do this, IPENZ and ACENZ worked together to develop two standard contractual documents.

Both documents are available to download and use free of charge by engineers and the general public. However, both documents are subject to copyright and must not be altered

Short Form Agreement – The Short Form Agreement now reflects the new Health and Safety Act. Please note that this change is an interim change as the entire Short Form Agreement is currently under review.

Long Form Contract – better suited to more complex work.

In partnership with the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ), we're reviewing both the Short and Long Form Contracts. We're doing this because of imminent changes to legislation. We'll make updated contracts available to engineers and members of the public following the review.

Download the guidelines, which explain aspects of the Long Form Contract:

Guidelines for interpreting the Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services

Copyright conditions

These documents are copyright to IPENZ and ACENZ (and, in the case of Producer Statements, to NZIA). By downloading the document you accept the copyright conditions. If altered in any way from the original, Contracts and Producer Statements are no longer Standard Documents and will not be honoured by these organisations. Any changes to the document in any way are a breach of the Copyright Act 1994. The only insertions permitted are in the Special Conditions section of the Long Form Contract.