Resolving concerns

What you can do

First try resolving your concerns directly with the engineer. These are some steps you could take:

  • Write to the engineer, being clear about your concerns and asking for a response. Tell the engineer what outcome you want.
  • Request a meeting with the engineer to talk through your concerns. You could take a support person with you, and you could request that an independent person facilitate the meeting.
  • Raise your concerns with the engineer’s manager.

If your concerns remain unresolved, then we might be able to help.

How we can help

Sometimes it’s possible to resolve your concerns without going through a formal process. The first step is for you to tell us your concerns.

Submit your concerns to us

Next, we’ll assess your concerns. We provide the information you have given us to the engineer and ask for their response. We might also contact other people involved or source relevant documents.

Then we consider how best to resolve your concerns. Different options include: