Accredited Qualifications

New Zealand has different entry qualification options for three occupational areas of the engineering profession.

Professional Engineer – four-year Bachelor of Engineering

Engineering Technologist – three-year Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Engineering Technician – two-year New Zealand Diploma in Engineering

IPENZ accredits engineering qualifications to internationally-recognised benchmarks, making sure that you are receiving a world-class engineering education. Graduating with an IPENZ-accredited qualification means:

  • You are automatically eligible for IPENZ Graduate Membership
  • Your qualification meets the requirements for registration on a current competence register
  • Better opportunities to work overseas, as IPENZ is a signatory to international engineering accords. Read about the accords, and other signatory countries, on the International Engineering Alliance website.

Which of New Zealand's engineering courses are accredited by IPENZ?

How are courses accredited?

If your tertiary education provider is looking to have your engineering programme accredited or re-accredited, read:

Explanatory notes on Accreditation Listings

Accredited programmes are listed alphabetically by Institution and by specialisation. IPENZ automatically recognises graduates of an accredited programme who completed their studies from a specified year onwards. The first year of accreditation is denoted by the date after the programme title.

Programmes no longer accredited

Where a programme is no longer accredited by IPENZ, the date from which the recognition of graduates ended is shown by a second date (eg1991–1998). This typically relates to programmes that are no longer offered by the institution.

Review dates for accredited qualifications

After the name of the institution there is a statement regarding the next review of the institution’s engineering programmes. Unless otherwise identified, programmes have full accreditation up to the year of the next review of the institution’s programmes. This covers students admitted to the programme to commence their studies up to and including the first semester of the following year, but not thereafter. Exceptions could be:

  • (a) where students have had a substantial break in their studies, during which accreditation of the programme has ended
  • (b) should exceptional circumstances arise, causing IPENZ to terminate accreditation of a programme.

Any such circumstances are treated on merit in relation to particular students or groups of students.

Accreditation applies to programmes irrespective of campus unless specifically stated.

Provisional Accreditation for new programmes

We may grant new programmes provisional accreditation until a representative group of graduates has emerged to allow us to consider full accreditation. A programme with provisional accreditation is denoted by “Prov” followed by the year in which provisional accreditation was granted.

Provisional accreditation indicates that full accreditation is expected, but not guaranteed. We grant provisional accreditation on the basis of evidence available at the time that full accreditation criteria can be met. When a programme moves from provisional accreditation to full accreditation, accreditation normally applies from the date of provisional accreditation.

Provisional accreditation will normally lapse, and graduates will not be recognised automatically by IPENZ if full accreditation is not gained within two years of the first cohort of students graduating from the programme in sufficient numbers for a meaningful assessment against the Graduate Competence Profile.

Recognition under the relevant international Accord

Formal recognition of IPENZ accredited programmes only applies to those delivered in New Zealand and from the date that IPENZ became a signatory to the Agreement.

Engineering Role International Accord First date of formal recognition of graduates
Professional Engineer Washington Accord 1988*
Engineering Technologist Sydney Accord 2001*
Engineering Technician Dublin Accord 2013

*IPENZ is a founding signatory

Individual Accord signatories give credit for IPENZ accredited qualifications gained prior to this date at their own discretion.

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