20 April 2017

Urban Development Authorities - submission for member review

The Government is proposing new legislation that will allow nationally or locally significant urban development projects to be built more quickly. The projects would be facilitated by publicly-controlled organisations urban development authorities, potentially in partnership with private companies and/or landowners.

Central and local government would have to work together to identify and agree on urban development projects and would have to consult the public before granting an urban development authority any powers. Potential powers include:

  • Powers to assemble parcels of land, including compulsory acquisition
  • Powers to override existing and proposed district and regional plans
  • Streamlined consenting processes
  • Powers to plan and build infrastructure
  • Powers to buy, sell and lease land and buildings
  • Powers to borrow to fund infrastructure
  • Powers to levy charges to cover infrastructure costs
  • The powers do not extend to building consenting powers.

IPENZ has prepared a draft submission which is ready for member review. Please send any comments to Policy Advisor Tracey Ayre by 5 May.

Read the draft submission here