10 July 2015

IPENZ accredited four-year engineering degrees

Four-year engineering degrees accredited by IPENZ are recognised as meeting the initial academic requirements for professional engineers. IPENZ is a founding signatory to the Washington Accord (1988), which ensures that all engineering degrees accredited by any of the signatories are recognised as being substantially equivalent by all of the signatories. Individuals with Washington Accord-equivalent degrees can travel and work with ease within these signatory countries.

The degree title for all four-year programmes is Bachelor of Engineering (abbreviated as BE) or Bachelor of Engineering Honours (abbreviated as BE (Hons)) unless otherwise shown. The Bachelor of Engineering may also be awarded with honours.


AUT University

Next review 2018

Biotronics Engineering Prov 2013
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2001 onwards
Marine and Offshore Engineering 2016 onwards
Mechanical Engineering 2001 onwards
Naval Architecture 2016 onwards
Ocean Engineering 2016 onwards

Manukau Institute of Technology

Previously offered programme
Electronics and Computer Engineering 1998–2014

Massey University

Next review 2017

Note: Accreditation covers programmes delivered from Massey University’s Albany and Palmerston North campuses.
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering Prov 2014
Electronics and Computer Engineering Prov 2014
Product Development Prov 2014
Mechatronics Prov 2014
Engineering and Innovation Management Prov 2014
Bachelor of Food Technology (Honours) - Food Process Engineering Prov 2014
Previously offered programmes
Note 1: prior to 2005, some Massey University degrees were awarded as a Bachelor of Technology (BTech).
Note 2: Accreditation covers programmes delivered from Massey University’s Albany, Palmerston North and Wellington campuses.
Automation and Control 1999–2011
Bioprocess Engineering (Note: replaced Biotechnology and Bioprocess) 1996–2009
Biotechnology 1981–1988
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering (Note: replaced Biotechnology) 1989–2000
Chemical Technology Engineering 1999–2009
Computer Systems Engineering (Note: replaced Computing Technology) 1994–2010
Engineering and Automation 1991–1999
Environmental Engineering 1994–2009
Food Engineering 1997–2010
Industrial Engineering 1980–1984
Industrial Technology 1980–1990
Information and Communications Engineering (Note: replaced Information Engineering) 2005–2009
Information and Telecommunications Engineering 1999–2009
Information Engineering 1992–2010
Manufacturing 1984–1990
Manufacturing and Industrial Technology 1991–2009
Biotechnology (Note: replaced Bioprocess Engineering) 2006–2015
Chemical and Nanotechnology (Note: replaced Chemical Technology Engineering) 2006–2015
Computer and Electronic Engineering (Note: replaced Computer Systems Engineering) 2007–2015
Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering 2009–2014
Electronics and Communication Engineering (Note: replaced Information and Communications Engineering) 2007–2015
Electronics and Computer Systems (Note: replaced Computer Systems Engineering) 2006-2015
Engineering and Industrial Management (Note: replaced Manufacturing and Industrial Technology) 2005–2015
Environmental Technology and Sustainable Energy (Note: replaced Environmental Engineering) 2006–2014
Industrial Automation (Note: replaced Automation and Control 2008–2015
Mechatronics 1999–2015
Multimedia Systems Engineering 2009–2014
Product Design Engineering 2009–2014
Product Development 2009–2015
Software Engineering 1999–2014
Telecommunications and Network Engineering (Note: replaced Information and Telecommunications Engineering) 2006–2014
Bachelor of Food Technology (Food Process Engineering) 2012–2015

Unitec Institute of Technology

Previously offered programme
Environmental Engineering 2001–2009

University of Auckland

Programmes Accredited from Next review
Biomedical Engineering 2005 2021
Chemical and Materials Engineering 1980 2021
Civil Engineering 1980 2021
Computer Systems Engineering 2000 2021
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 1980 2021
Engineering Science 1980 2021
Mechanical Engineering 1980 2021
Mechatronics Engineering 2005 2021
Software Engineering 2000 2021
Previously offered programmes
Environmental (Note: Replaced Resource Engineering) 2002–2011
Metallurgical and Materials 1987–1998
Mining 1990–1999
Resource Engineering 1999–2002

University of Canterbury

Next review 2018

Chemical and Process (Note: replaced Chemical Engineering) 1983 onwards
Civil Engineering 1980 onwards
Computer Engineering 2007 onwards
Electrical and Electronic (Note: replaced Electrical Engineering) 1983 onwards
Forest Engineering 1993 onwards
Mechanical Engineering 1980 onwards
Mechatronics 2007 onwards
Natural Resources Engineering (Note: replaced Agricultural Engineering) 1989 onwards
Software Engineering Prov 2013
Previously offered programmes
Agricultural 1980–1989
Chemical 1980–1983
Electrical 1980–1983

University of the South Pacific - Fiji

Programmes Accredited from Next review
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2014 2019
Mechanical Engineering 2014 2019

University of Waikato

Next review 2016

Chemical and Biological (Note: replaced Biochemical Engineering) 2011 onwards
Electronic Engineering 2003 onwards
Materials and Process Engineering 2002 onwards
Mechanical Engineering 2006 onwards
Software Engineering 2006 onwards
Previously offered programme
Biochemical 2002–2012

Victoria University of Wellington

Next review 2017

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering 2010 onwards
Network Engineering 2010 onwards
Software Engineering 2010 onwards