07 September 2017

Chartered Member or CPEng – which one’s right for you?


Chartered Membership and CPEng registration are two different things

Chartered Members belong to Engineering New Zealand and get all the benefits of being part of our community. CPEng is different from Engineering New Zealand membership and is a registration under the CPEng Act 2002. Nothing is changing for CPEng on 1 October.

CPEng is only open to professional engineers, who must demonstrate an ability to deal with complex engineering problems and activities.  Chartered Membership is also available to professional engineers, but additional categories provide recognition for engineering technologists, engineering technicians and engineering geologists.

Professional engineers seeking Chartered Membership will be assessed using the same internationally benchmarked standard as CPEng and will enjoy similar recognition overseas.  However, they won’t be required to demonstrate knowledge and application of New Zealand-specific good practice. This makes Chartered Member more accessible for engineers practising overseas, and provides direct entry for engineers who have been assessed in an equivalent overseas jurisdiction, eg CEng (UK) or CPEng (Australia).

Chartered Members are only assessed once. There is no reassessment. But there is a requirement to keep current by doing at least 40 hours of professional development each year. CPEng is reassessed at least every 6 years.

Both CPEng and Chartered Membership are underpinned by the same Code of Ethical Conduct and a fair, robust and proportionate complaints and disciplinary process.

So what does that mean for you?

If your work requires you to sign off consents or certify work under a New Zealand regulatory regime, then it is likely you will need to be CPEng. If you work in a field that doesn’t require regulatory sign off, and your clients don’t see value in CPEng registration, then Chartered Membership is a good option for you. 

Almost all of our Chartered Professional Engineers are also members – it makes sense if you're a CPEng to be a Chartered Member too. 

Confused? Talk to us about which is right for you.