25 July 2017

Francis Small Scholarship 2017 awarded

The IPENZ Foundation has awarded this year’s Francis Small scholarship to Signy Crowe. 

Signy grew up in Rotorua and completed an undergraduate engineering qualification at the University of Auckland. She says “I enjoyed and was good at maths and science at school so my career guidance councillor suggested I consider engineering. I wasn’t sure what engineers did so I went to a University of Auckland open day. I found engineering concepts really interesting and could see how many opportunities a career in engineering could provide. After my first year, I chose to specialise in civil engineering because I wanted to do something practical and liked the idea of seeing the outcome of my work”.

Signy will undertake a Master of Engineering in structural engineering, researching reinforced concrete walls. “I was eager to do a Master’s degree to experience postgraduate research and gain a greater depth of knowledge in my field,” she says. “This scholarship means I can further my education without additional financial burden, for which I am incredibly grateful. In the future, I aim to apply my knowledge and skills to real-life problems in industry.”

The Francis Small Scholarship provides tuition fees up to $10,000 for a research Master in Engineering degree. It was awarded for the first time in 2016 and will be offered by the Foundation alternately through the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland until 2025. The Scholarship was established in the name of its benefactor, Dr Francis Small DistFIPENZ, who is a former IPENZ President.