22 December 2016

Have your say: five policy consultations closing in February

IPENZ is looking to develop submissions in relation to five consultations:

  • Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill – This omnibus bill amends a number of Acts to encourage energy innovation so New Zealand has the ability to respond to its environmental and energy objectives. Submissions close 1 February 2017.
  • Draft replacement New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy – The Strategy 2017–2022 will guide EECA’s work programme over the next five years. It proposes actions that will help New Zealand make the most of its clean, renewable energy sources and use energy more productively. Submissions close 7 February 2017.
  • Proposals for Regulations under the Building (Earthquake-prone buildings) Amendment Act 2016 – The Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016 sets out the new requirements, powers and time frames to address earthquake-prone buildings. The proposed Earthquake-prone Buildings Regulations will provide more detail on the new requirements and set out how the Amendment Act will be implemented at a practical level. This consultation was previously due to close on 15 December but has been extended to close on 10 February 2017.
  • Proposals for a methodology to identify earthquake-prone buildings – Under the Amendment Act, the earthquake-prone building methodology must be set by MBIE’s chief executive. The methodology will set out the details of how to identify potentially earthquake-prone buildings, how to undertake engineering assessments of potentially earthquake-prone buildings, and help territorial authorities make decisions about whether assessed buildings are earthquake prone and, if so, assign earthquake ratings. This consultation was previously due to close on 15 December but has been extended to close on 10 February 2017.
  • Building Performance Standards – long-term funding projection and Standards programme. This consultation seeks feedback on which Standards are covered by a priority list for funding, the sequence of the Standards programme and opportunities for co-funding. The consultation is targeted and IPENZ is one of the organisations being consulted. Submissions close 24 February 2017.

If you are interested in submitting feedback on any of these consultations, email Policy Advisor Tracey Ayre