04 October 2016

Lucy Abraham: Engenerate National Chair


Lucy Abraham GIPENZ reflects on her time as this year’s Engenerate National Chair and the benefits she’ll take away from her years volunteering for the group.

As my time as Engenerate National Chair comes to a close, I'd like to take the time to thank you all for attending the Engenerate and IPENZ events over the past year. We've had a variety of site visits around the country this year, which brought us to a quarry in Northland, a chocolate factory in Wellington, and a Coca Cola plant in Christchurch. WAYD events in Auckland and Canterbury were very well attended and provided a great opportunity to network with young professionals from other industries. Networking events held in each of the regions were also a great way to catch up with those in our own profession. The Take the Next Step professional recognition presentations, which were rolled out around the country, were the highlight for me.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our group of enthusiastic volunteers who offer up time out of their already busy schedules. Through various planning sessions, teleconferences, and event requests, I have had the unique opportunity to see just how much time and effort each Engenerate branch puts in to benefit their members. I'd like to thank this year’s Regional Chairs for all their contribution: Dipal Raniga (Auckland), Andrew Cowan and Tim Court-Patience (Canterbury), Amanda Siqueria and Letitia Drake (Waikato), Riley Gerbrandt and Kirsten Wallis (Hawke’s Bay), Waqas Liaqat (Manuwatu), Juliette Thomson (Wellington), Darren Burrows (Tauranga), Ama Wickramanayake (Taranaki), Rory Howell and Darren Jurgens (Northland), Ravi Sundar (Whanganui), Marcus Grierson (Nelson), Joyel Stephen and Robert Williams (Southland), and Nick Wyatt (Otago).

Many of the regional chairs have a committee of volunteers who help to share the workload. These committee members are equally enthusiastic and I hope they continue their great work.

The people at IPENZ National Office have spent a lot of time and effort behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. The amount of work that has gone into the new IPENZ website, pushing out the Health and Safety Legislation, the Code of Ethics, and the new Professional Recognition Framework is really appreciated. I, for one, have found the new guidance documents very helpful. I would like to thank the National Office – especially Kavita and Annette – for all the support they've given to make sure our members have a positive IPENZ experience.

I've found my time with Engenerate and IPENZ to be a truly fulfilling experience. In the five years I've been involved with IPENZ, I have gained a lot of confidence and had the opportunity to befriend some amazing people. Volunteering with Engenerate is something I would encourage all young engineers take part in – just contact your local Engenerate branch to find out more.

Juliette Thomson will be your new Engenerate National Chair for the next year. I know her to be a very dedicated person and I am sure she will do a fantastic job in this role.

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Kind regards,