01 August 2016

Dr Michelle Dickinson to speak at Diversity in Action Summit

IPENZ, Engineering, Diversity, Michelle, Dickinson

Embracing diversity in business means there’s a greater pool of talent from which to recruit, For New Zealand’s engineering profession, it’s essential: we simply don’t have enough engineers.

Dr Michelle Dickinson, Senior Lecturer at the University of Auckland, will talk about the strategies to increase diversity of engineers at the start of the pipeline at IPENZ’s Diversity in Action Summit on 19 August at Te Papa, Wellington.

Michelle says “we need to increase the flow into the pipe at the start and make sure it’s being filled with a diverse mix of excited and passionate individuals who want to bring their talents to the engineering world.”

Find out how Michelle’s not-for-profit education initiative OMGTech! is getting under-represented kids into STEM subjects and how this can help fill the engineering pipeline with diverse individuals for the future. Read more about Michelle in the August/September edition of Engineering Insight.