12 May 2016

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

Protection of New Zealand's environment is important for New Zealanders' wellbeing and the image international tourists and trade partners have of our country. In this submission to the Local Government and Environment Committee, we present our support for a number of aspects of this Amendment Bill, including the move to stronger national policy direction and guidance, the development of national planning templates, moves to increase urban land supply and to better manage the risks of natural hazards.

We also recommend changes to the Amendment Bill to provide more clarity and guidance. For example, we recommend the definition of "natural hazard" be amended to specifically include liquefaction and recommend the Amendment BIll require consent authorities to weigh up the costs and benefits of declining a subdivision as part of their decision-making process.

This submission was prepared in partnership with ACENZ, Water New Zealand and Civil Contractors New Zealand.

Read our submission on the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill (PDF 120KB)