05 May 2016

What does sustainability look like “on the ground”?

The Sustainability Society is currently developing updated sustainability practice guidance for IPENZ and the engineering profession. Earlier this year, many IPENZ Members from across the country provided feedback to this process through an online questionnaire.

The Society is now moving into the final stage of this project to develop a multimedia web platform, which will bring this practice guidance to life. One important aspect of their approach is to create something that extends beyond words and assists engineers to see what sustainability looks like in their everyday work.

Share your stories of sustainability in action

The Society is developing a series of short 2–3 minute videos, telling engineers’ stories of projects and innovations with integrated sustainability considerations and outcomes. Their aim is to kick start a conversation about what sustainability looks like for engineers.

Email Sarah Bowman to share some information about your project by Tuesday 31 May. If they plan to go ahead and capture your story on camera, they’ll get in touch and work out the details.