07 April 2016

Steel mesh issue raises concerns over certification

There’s been a lot of media coverage about the potential failings of some steel mesh products in the New Zealand market. Producers Eurocorp and Steel & Tube have put their supply of the product on hold after their meshes did not pass recent strength tests, conducted as part of a Commerce Commission investigation, and this is of real concern to IPENZ and our engineers specifying these products.

As professional engineers, we need to be able to rely on manufacturers’ certification of their products. This is the necessary assurance we need that products meet the required standards. Sourcing steel through a certified supply chain is critical to having a high confidence level that the steel is compliant with the required standard.

IPENZ Chief Executive, Susan Freeman-Greene says “As an engineer your best protection is to be rigorous in checking the certification of all steel materials in your supply chain to make sure products have been independently certified by a reputable third-party, such as an IANZ-accredited testing laboratory. If there is any doubt about the source of the steel products, or its compliance with the standard specified, then you should seek independent verification from a third party testing laboratory.”

We will continue to monitor this issue and provide ongoing advice and guidance. If you have any queries, email Laura Stockton, the Engineering Practice Manager

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