13 November 2015

Watch the highlights: Nanogirl and the Incredible World of Nanotechnology

This year, the IPENZ 2015 Pickering Lecture presents “Nanogirl and the Incredible World of Nanotechnology”.

The lecture is a fascinating introduction to Nanotechnology and explains how the manipulation of matter, only visible under powerful microscopes, is leading to incredible technological advances.

Dr Michelle Dickinson, AKA Nanogirl, kicked off the 2015 IPENZ Pickering Lecture series in Palmerston North on 2 November 2015. Her accessible style and interactive presentations have been captivating audiences of all ages. Michelle demonstrates how nanotechnology is already playing a part in our everyday lives, and gives insights into the experimental and developmental work currently underway in New Zealand.

Watch highlights from the Palmerston North event

If you missed the recent lectures in Palmerston North, Auckland and Hamilton, there's still a chance to catch Nanogirl in Greymouth, Invercargill, Wellington and Timaru.

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