17 February 2016

Review of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule


Getting people, vehicles and goods from A to B is a key role of the roading sector. The Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule sets out the requirements for the larger trucks and buses that operate on our roads. In this submission to the Ministry of Transport we present our concerns about proposed changes to the rules. Our concerns relate to the need for a more holistic view and understanding of the transport network, better consideration of safety impacts for other road users and understanding of the impacts on emissions.

We recommend the Ministry undertake research to better understand the roading network, including the condition and dimensions of roading infrastructure, such as bridges, underpasses and tunnels. We also recommend preparation of a cost estimate for upgrading the roading network for larger and heavier vehicles, with discussion with local road controlling authorities, along with preparation of a wider assessment of the costs and benefits to society.

Read the submission on the Review of the Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule (124KB)