03 March 2016

Profile: Abley Transportation


Engineering offers many opportunities. One of these opportunities is the ability to work flexibly. This case study is one of a series which showcases the organisations that are supporting the diverse people working in engineering. Steve Abley, Managing Director of Abley Transportation Consultants Limited, explains how the company encourages flexible work practices.

What is your organisation called?

Abley Transportation Consultants Limited

What does your organisation do?

We design, develop and implement the plans and infrastructure that allow people to navigate their daily connections smoothly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

Is your organisation an IPENZ Professional Development Partner?


How many employees does your organisation have?

30 full time and four part time employees.

What challenges does your organisation face?

We are consistently recruiting the highest calibre people. Finding time to recruit these people can be challenging when our clients are also asking us to be creative and innovative and deliver great work. But we’re up for the challenge.

How does the organisation support its employees?

With a variety of in-house programmes that attract, retain and foster engagement. These programmes mean acknowledging the changing phases of employment dependent on the career stage.

What’s your organisation's vision of “success”?

Varied. Success is celebrated individually, within the wider team and as a company. We acknowledge success because we’re very, very proud of our people and the various shapes and forms success takes. Sometimes we celebrate technical superiority and formal awards, and other times team delivery of a certain project or simply someone who’s helped out when they haven’t been asked to – sometimes it’s the smallest things that matter most.

What does the future hold for your organisation?

Potential. The culture our people create means we’re looking to leverage our unique offering into other areas not currently well serviced, or not serviced as well as we think they could be. We’re always seeking to do more, stretch the current ways of doing things, and challenging others to come on the journey with us. Ultimately we’re looking for clients and communities to “connect better”.

What advice do you have for other organisations that want to better support their employees?

We would suggest being open to others’ ideas even when those ideas can be very challenging. The result is a team environment that supports each other and sustainable progress for even greater success.

Do you have any other comments?

Part of our company success might be that our senior leadership team is quite young. We all have young families and we recognise what it means to be in a career we love, while balancing that with families we also love.

Thanks to Abley Transportation for taking the time to give us an insight into their organisation.

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