28 January 2016

Cast your vote in our Board elections

Voting is almost at an end for this year's IPENZ governing Board 2016 elections.  The elections are your chance to have your say on how your professional representative body will be run.

Newly-appointed Board members will take up their roles in March at the 2016 Engineering Professions Forum, when Andrew Read FIPENZ hands over to Elena Trout FIPENZ. She will be the second woman in the history of the Institution to fulfil the role of President. Craig Price FIPENZ will move into the role of Deputy President. Dean Kimpton FIPENZ becomes Vice President – he was the only candidate for this position.

Our senior office holders

President 2016 - Elena Trout


Elena Trout FIPENZ

Elena is a professional director who serves on a number of company boards and an independent consultant. She has held leadership roles with transport and energy companies including KiwiRail, Auckland Regional Council/ARTA, Serco New Zealand Ltd, Kingett Mitchell and Associates and Methanex New Zealand. Elena chairs the IPENZ Engineering Practice Advisory Committee and Audit and Risk Committee. She is a member of the Performance and Remuneration Committee and Fellowship Panel.

Elena says “I will continue to be a strong advocate in ensuring the changes to the occupational regulations allow the public to have confidence and trust in our professional conduct and services. I will encourage the Institution to progress its initiatives to embrace and be relevant to all disciplines of the engineering profession and to deliver membership services.” 

Deputy President 2016 – Craig Price

Deputy President

Craig Price FIPENZ

Craig is a Director and South Island Regional Manager of Beca Ltd, one of Asia Pacific’s largest multidisciplinary engineering and professional services consultancies. Craig is an IPENZ Practice Area Assessor, a previous Chair of the Competence Assessment Board and was a founding Director and subsequently Chair of the New Zealand Green Building Council. A Chartered Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, Craig has a range of governance experience. Craig currently serves on the Engineering Practice Advisory Committee, Standards Accreditation Board and Audit and Risk Committee.

Craig says “I am passionate about the role of engineers in leadership and governance, and am strongly supportive of developing our young engineers. I sincerely welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Institution in a governance role.”

Vice President 2016 – Dean Kimpton

Vice President

Dean Kimpton FIPENZ

As Auckland Council’s Chief Operating Officer, Dean leads the largest division in council – the Operations division, responsible for supporting Auckland’s growth and delivering on Aucklanders’ services expectations, such as building and resource consenting, waste services and stormwater infrastructure, environmental services, capital works, maintenance and management of facilities, through to community services including libraries, parks and recreation, and community development and safety. As COO, Dean also has oversight of the Housing portfolio and civil defence. Prior to joining council, Dean was managing director of AECOM NZ. He has wide experience at senior executive and governance levels.

Dean says, “I welcome the opportunity to continue serving the engineering profession and to promote the role of engineers as leaders, thinkers and innovators with positive long-term impact on community. In this governance role, I have the opportunity to influence those outcomes at a national level and to help continue to attract talent into this wonderful profession”. 

Meet the candidates

Six of our Members have been nominated to fill the vacant roles on our Board. You’ll choose who’s appointed when voting opens on 15 February 2016.

Aidan Cooper

Aidan Cooper MIPENZ

Aidan has served on the Auckland Branch committee since 2010. He is also a Stormwater New Zealand committee member and a Futureintech Ambassador. He works at CKL (NZ) as Senior Environmental Engineer, Stormwater Solutions. 

Aidan says: “I am a Chartered Professional Environmental Engineer and have been working with the IPENZ Auckland Branch since 2010. As a Branch committee member, I have focused on recognising the stages of an engineer’s career including study achievements, professional recognition and an ongoing contribution to the Institution. I have also focused on strengthening the Branch’s relationship with the region’s universities and raising awareness of IPENZ’s relevance among the student membership both at university and through their career.

“Within the Board I will focus on strengthening the connection with our student members, and celebrating the successes and career progression of our Members. I will focus on strengthening our connection with affiliated professional groups outside of IPENZ.”

Ben Holland

Ben Holland MIPENZ

Ben has been an IPENZ Member since 1999 and joined our Governing Board in 2012. He has also held roles on the Competence Assessment Board and the Engineering Heritage Board, and became a Practice Area Assessor in 2015. He is the General Manager Commercial and Major Projects at Opus International Consultants Ltd.

Ben says: “I am an enthusiastic civil engineer and have been a Board member for the last four years. During that time we have faced significant changes in leadership of the organisation, its Membership focus, and the public’s awareness. As the Chair of the successful IPENZ business improvement project, which includes our new website, I have been able to use my professional skills for Members’ and society’s benefit. I look forward to the opportunity to continue in the role as IPENZ takes the next steps to embed the changes and start to deliver the new strategic initiatives to strengthen our relevance.”

David Brierly

David Brierley MIPENZ

Dave is the Project Team Leader in Christchurch City Council’s Transport Rebuild Unit, heavily involved with rebuilding the city following the 2010–11 earthquakes. He has a background in civil and structural engineering, specialising in transportation and major project delivery, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Dave is an IPENZ Practice Area Assessor, IPENZ Mentor, current Chair of the IPENZ Canterbury Branch Committee and immediate past Vice President of Cathedral City Toastmasters.

Dave says: “My mission is to help advance the engineering profession into the future, through inspired leadership and informed engagement.”


Glen Mitchell MIPENZ

Glen works as a Mechanical Engineer at MWH. He has served for one term on the IPENZ Board. He is the Board’s representative for Engenerate and is part of our Otago Branch committee. 

Glenn says: “As a current Board member completing my first term I’m keen to continue in the role to ensure our institution continues to work towards serving our Members in an efficient and pragmatic way.

“I am well connected with Board members, IPENZ national office staff and regional Branches, as a current Board member and through my previous position as national Chair of the Emerging Professionals Council (EPC). I am passionate about advocating for the interests of EPC at Board level and I aim to strengthen and broaden our services to the next generation of engineers.

“I have a depth of engineering experience from my consulting background working in the industrial, mining and energy sectors. Going forward, my aim would be for us to develop our service offering in the areas outside traditional core disciplines.”

Jan Evans-Freeman

Jan Evans-Freeman FIPENZ

Jan is Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering. Her previous roles include Professor and Research Group Leader at Sheffield Hallam University, and Electrical Engineering Department Academic at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. She joined the IPENZ Board in 2014.

Jan says: “I wish to remain on the Board of IPENZ as I provide a clear link between the strategy and Membership of IPENZ directly through the next generation of engineers who graduate in New Zealand. I am also a Director of Transpower and recently of Industrial Research Limited (IRL), plus I hold smaller directorships on other engineering activities across New Zealand. Finally, with a background in electronic engineering, I am keen to see all ‘flavours’ of engineers interact with IPENZ in the future.”

Matt Harris

Matthew Harris MIPENZ

Matthew is NZ Engineering Director at Miyamoto International NZ Ltd and has served on our Board in 2014. He is one of our CPEng staff assessors and is a member of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE), the Structural Engineering Society of New Zealand (SESOC), the New Zealand Timber Design Society and the Sustainability Society. 

Matthew says: “I am a Christchurch-based consulting engineer and have enjoyed serving IPENZ in the past in both Board and staff assessor roles. This experience has added to my 19 years of engineering experience across a range of multidisciplinary international and local projects. Taking a keen interest in membership representation, diversity and professionalism, I am committed to safeguarding the strategic direction of IPENZ, ensuring its future is aligned to the requirements of Members at all levels. I would welcome the opportunity to further serve the profession as a Board member for the next three years.”

How long is an elected term?

In 2014, the Board agreed to change the elected term for Board members from two to three years. In order to make this transition and continue a regular rotation of Board members, two successful candidates will receive one-year terms at this years’ elections.

The two highest polling candidates will be elected for three-year terms and third and fourth polling candidates will receive one-year terms.


This year we're encouraging Members to vote online. Online voting will close on 26 February 2016 at 5pm or put your paper voting form in the post no later than 26th February.

If you haven't received an email voting form, check your spam folder or get in touch.