01 December 2015

Rising to the challenge of our evolving profession

At this year’s Board’s Roadshow, our President, Andrew Read FIPENZ, shared some of the issues facing the engineering profession (see Engineering Dimension September 2015).

Over the last few years, the environment in which we work has changed as engineers have come under public scrutiny following the Canterbury earthquakes and the Pike River Mine tragedy. As well as this, the traditional professional association model is experiencing challenges in today’s environment across the globe with rapid technological changes, different ways of delivering information and diverse member markets.

As the professional body representing engineers in New Zealand, we need to stay relevant to you, our Members, and to do that, we need to evolve.

We want to hold on to our heritage but become a more modern and accessible organisation. We’ve been looking at how we can be more effective when engaging our Membership, setting and maintaining professional standards, strengthening the profession, providing leadership and enabling the engineers of the future. As a result, in the coming months, you’ll see some changes to how we do things.

We’ve made some great progress already. We’ve reviewed and improved our financial situation and, as we reported in Engineering Dimension September 2015, have started to review our complaints and disciplinary process. We’ve recruited a new General Manager – Marketing and Communications to join our leadership team and have already started to change the way we communicate with the launch of our new website. Plus, our Futureintech initiative encouraging young people into the engineering profession has secured funding for another year.

But there’s a lot more for us to do. We’ve got plans for more professional development and greater engagement with you. We are also reviewing our internal structure to make sure we’re working in the most efficient way. We’ll be doing more work to optimise our website and improve our digital expertise with the aim of improving our assessment processes and our user experience.

“We need to stay relevant to you, our Members, and to do that, we need to evolve.”

Our first step is to be in a position to start 2016 with a re-formed leadership team in place; the roles within our organisation allocated logically; specific expertise brought in where we need it – particularly in the areas of marketing and communications and digital communications; and introducing legal expertise to support our legal and regulatory function.

Next year, we’ll be fine-tuning our organisational structure to make sure we’re operating as effectively and efficiently as possible so we can deliver our goals.

We’ll keep you up to date on how we’re getting on and what it means for you.