26 November 2015

Update: Code of Ethics

The IPENZ Code of Ethics Review Working Group presented a new Code of Ethical Conduct to the IPENZ governing Board and Chartered Professional Engineer Council (CPEC) for approval in May. This followed two formal rounds of consultation in March 2014 and January 2015, from which the Review Working Group received and considered several hundred responses.

The Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) is drafting an amendment to Part 3 of the Chartered Professional Engineers Rules – Code of Ethical Conduct. This regulatory process is drawing to a close, with an agreed draft amendment close to being finalised. Once that’s happened, final Board and CPEC approvals will be sought and the Chartered Professional Engineers Rules will then be formally promulgated through the Parliamentary Gazette. Once published, the new CPEng Code takes effect.

We’ll release the new IPENZ Code of Ethical Conduct at the same time. We expect this will be in the first quarter of 2016. Before this, we’ll let you know the implications of the proposed changes to the Code.