02 June 2015

IPENZ Foundation Scholarships awarded

  • Clockwise from top left: Rory Hammond, Alex McHugh, Amy Wolland, Holly Robins, Hannah Wright and Bridget Hall.

Last year, the Foundation offered six scholarships of $4,000 to students starting engineering studies in 2015. Of the 154 applicants from around the country, six were successful. They were selected on the basis of their curricula vitae, academic achievements, an essay on “Why I want to be a professional engineer” and character attested by school and personal referees.

The winners are Rory Hammond (Auckland), Alex McHugh (Christchurch), Amy Wolland (Havelock North), Holly Robins (Hamilton), Hannah Wright (Dunedin) and Bridget Hall (Auckland).

All six students are enrolled in BE (Honours) degree courses. Five are at ​the University of Auckland and one is at the University of Canterbury. IPENZ Branches are co-funders and supporters.

Of all the applications:

  • 33 per cent came from the Auckland region
  • 42 per cent were by female applicants.

In the final ranking, female applicants made up 46 per cent of the top third of candidates.

The Foundation took other available scholarships into account, selecting candidates who would most benefit from the Foundation’s support.

Read the winning essays

Rory Hammond (PDF 336KB)
Alex McHugh (PDF 173KB)
Amy Wolland (PDF 103KB)
Holly Robins (PDF 68KB)
Hannah Wright (PDF 42KB)
Bridget Hall (PDF 3KB)