05 October 2015

Remuneration Survey 2015: salary increases and gender pay gaps

The numbers are in and we’ve finalised our annual ​Remuneration ​Survey for another year. Conducted in collaboration with RobLawMax ​Recruitment, the report gives an overview of engineering salary trends based on responses from 2,462 IPENZ Members across New Zealand.

The report maps trends across a variety of categories including work type, engineering specialisation, region of New Zealand, IPENZ Membership class, employment field, gender, employment sector, registration, highest qualification and years of experience.


At a glance

  • Median starting base salaries for engineering graduates with experience up to one year is $53,500, an increase of 1 per cent on last year’s figure
  • The overall median base salary for 2015 was recorded at $87,100 and the median total remuneration was $92,000
  • The median salary for male engineers is 22 per cent higher than their female counterparts. This is above the New Zealand national gender pay gap of 9.9 per cent
  • Chartered Professional Engineers earn an average of $10,500 more than their non-registered counterparts.

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Full Survey results are available free to IPENZ Members

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