21 September 2015

2015 Pickering Lecture series: Nanogirl and the Incredible World of Nanotechnology

Dr Michelle Dickinson, University of Auckland

Discover the world of Nanotechnology with Nanogirl, AKA Dr Michelle Dickinson, as she explains how the manipulation of matter invisible to the naked eye is changing our lives.

Some of the most incredible technological advances in recent years have been made under powerful microscopes. These discoveries are fuelling progress in many aspects of our lives from medical breakthroughs to designing technology for a sustainable future.

Michelle is a senior lecturer in engineering at the University of Auckland, where she runs New Zealand’s only nanomechanical testing laboratory. Her combined interests in both biology and materials science give her a unique insight into how nature and technology can learn from each other for future scientific developments.

The annual Pickering Lecture series are held to raise awareness of IPENZ and to promote the engineering profession to the public.

All lectures will be starting at 6.30pm. Free entry

For more information, go to Michelle’s website  or watch her Ted Talk

Download an A3 poster for this event (804KB)