27 October 2014

2014 Young Engineer of the Year finalist presentations

Vijay Patel 

Vijay Patel was the job manager and lead structural engineer on the $290 million development of The University of Auckland’s Science Centre Building. He was responsible for design, delivery and construction monitoring. This presentation outlines the work that went into designing and building the science centre.


Brendon Bradley

Brendon Bradley is an international research leader in several emerging fields of earthquake engineering at the University of Canterbury. He has played an integral role in earthquake analysis as a researcher and consultant in New Zealand, and collaborates with research partners internationally. He’s led critical research into ground motion relating to the Canterbury earthquakes.

Brendon went on to win the 2014 Young Engineer of the Year Award.


Weng Yuen Kam

As a ​senior ​structural ​engineer with Beca, Weng Yuen Kam uses seismic expertise and project delivery skills to deliver seismic risk mitigation projects in a dynamic technical and commercial environment. He is instrumental in driving technical innovations for seismic assessment and retrofit.