13 October 2014

Technology Challenging Society: Better, Stronger, Faster – Engineering the perfect athlete

Better, Stronger, Faster – Engineering the perfect athlete was the fifth and final panel discussion in the Technology Challenging Society series. It analysed how sport uses technology to assist athletes in their quest for success and brings fans closer to the game.

Facilitated by Radio New Zealand presenter Simon Morton, the panel featured an impressive line-up of experts that represented athletes, sports science, sports technology and the media. Watch Olympic champion Hamish Carter, SPRINZ co-director John Cronin, VX Sport co-developer Jamie Tout and Sky Sport’s Melodie Robinson discuss this interesting topic.

The panel was held in association with Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ), and recorded at Eden Park.

Highlights from the Panel Discussion (4 min)

Full Panel Discussion (1 hour 13 min)