23 June 2015

John Key meets with young Canterbury engineers


The Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key has met with young engineers in Canterbury to talk about leadership. Many of these engineers have been working on the Christchurch rebuild.

At the meeting, hosted at the Christchurch offices of MWH Global, the Prime Minister said really strong leaders have great teams. He emphasised the importance of the team knowing the leader’s expectations and how the leader is likely to react to issues. He also said success in leadership is to do with attitude. Mr Key disclosed that he set his sights on becoming Prime Minister when he was only 11 – a vision he never lost.

The Prime Minister stressed determination, focus and preparation are vital to success. He urged his audience not to be afraid of whether people will back them or not. His best advice to someone going into leadership for the first time is to be yourself.

Engenerate is a nationwide IPENZ initiative celebrating and assisting Members who have had less than eight years’ work experience in the engineering profession.


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