10 August 2015

IPENZ pursues alternative measures to address issues raised in complaints about EQC engineer

Though disappointed by the Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC) decision in the Graeme Robinson disciplinary hearings, the Institution of Professional Engineers (IPENZ) will not appeal the decision.

CPEC had advised IPENZ of its decision in mid-July, and the appeal period expired last Friday. However, IPENZ has been unable to discuss the case until CPEC officially publicised its decision.

Chief Executive Susan Freeman-Greene said the Institution sought professional legal advice and carefully considered all options before deciding not to appeal the ruling to the District Court.

“We acknowledge the impact and distress this process has had on the 10 Christchurch property owners who initiated the complaints against Mr Robinson, but we concluded that ongoing legal action would incur more costs without any certainty of a win for the appellants.”

Instead, the Institution is pursuing alternative measures to address the various issues raised in the hearings, including a new Code of Ethics covering behaviour of engineers, and a review of the industry’s complaints and disciplinary procedures.

Ms Freeman-Greene said IPENZ was acutely aware of the need to balance the views of a wide range of interests and to maintain confidence in the standards of the profession and its process for holding Members to account for adhering to those standards.

She acknowledged the hard work of people who contributed their time and expertise to the investigating and disciplinary committees of IPENZ.

“It is a tough job that’s often done without much thanks or recognition.”

The time was now right to review all procedures in line with changing standards and expectations of engineers, stakeholders and the public, she said.

Read CPEC's decision


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