17 August 2015

4th Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference Proceedings

24–25 November 2014

Lincoln University, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand

IPENZ’s 4th Australasian Engineering Heritage Conference included two days of presentations on topics relating to the conference’s theme: Engineering, Heritage and Nature: Finding the Right Balance.

Speakers from Australia and New Zealand explored topics about historic and recent challenges nature and the environment have thrown at engineers and their responses. The conference was held when Canterbury was three years into its rebuild after a series of devastating earthquakes. This made presentations about protecting and preserving built heritage against natural disasters especially topical.


Engineering and natural hazards historical overview and experience

Karen Astwood, Learning from Experience: Three Case Studies of New Zealand Natural Disasters and Engineers’ Responses, 1878–1953 (PDF 290KB).

Glen Koorey, Learning from Failures: Using Historical Engineering Projects to Teach Better Professional Engineering Skills (PDF 290KB).

Policy and preparedness

John Brown, Kevin Walsh and Patrick Cummuskey, The four R’s – Reduce Risk, Raise Resilience: Local Authority Priorities and the Auckland Perspective on Engineering Requirements for Heritage Buildings (PDF 600KB).

John Duder and Dave Veart, Engineering Heritage and Nature, Finding a Balance: An Auckland Perspective on the Effects of Natural Hazards on Coastal and Marine Heritage (PDF 340KB).

Helen Ferner Aaron Beer and Mark Spencer, Heritage Buildings - Seismic Risk Management: A Structural Engineer’s Perspective (PDF 460KB).

Mark Hedley, The Strengthening of Heritage Buildings – Construction Challenges (PDF 470KB).

Mark Hedley and Dean Bennett, The Strengthening of Heritage Bridges – Construction Challenges (PDF 470KB).

Barbara Rouse and Helen McCracken, Improving the Risk Management of New Zealand’s Historic Heritage and the Role of the Heritage Engineering Community (PDF 625KB).

Bevan White, Geoff Anderson and Jerry Kearney, Seismic Strengthening and Restoration of Cargill’s Monument (PDF 350KB).

Building technology and the utilisation of natural resources

William Cottrell, Research Before Restoration (PDF 325 KB).

Nigel Isaacs, Hiding in Wellington – New Zealand’s First Hollow Concrete Block Buildings (PDF 380KB).

Paul Mahoney and Colin Zeff, Sawmill Engineering in New Zealand (PDF 345KB).

Rob Merrifield, An Exercise in Large Scale Joinery: Restoration of Three Historic Wellington & Manawatu Railway Carriages (PDF 230KB).

Engineers overcoming natural obstacles

William Baker, Nicholas Molcsan and Andrew Buchanan, Callender-Hamilton Truss Bridges: The New Zealand History (PDF 380KB).

Simon Fleisher, Wellington Cable Car and its Engineering Heritage (PDF 560KB).

Roger Hodgkinson and Murray John Service, Tuapeka Mouth Ferry: Taking Heritage into the Future (PDF 390KB).

Paul Mahoney and Kate Zwartz, An Inglis Portable Bridge Survivor (PDF 320KB).

Ken McInnes and Lenore Frost, Three New Zealand Engineers in Colonial Victoria (PDF 500KB).