04 May 2015

Members are central to our work

  • IPENZ Chief Executive Susan Freeman-Greene.

My first two months at IPENZ have been full and stimulating. I am enjoying getting my head around “how we work” as well as all the different aspects of what we do.

I am gleaning some clear messages about what’s important and the messages are remarkably consistent around “professionalism”, answering the “what’s good for the profession” question, and how our Members need to be central to the way we work. 

I am also seeing an appetite for change (some of which is already underway) and an enthusiasm for continued improvement. To get up to speed efficiently at a deeper level, I have started to have fuller conversations with those who hold an organisational view – such as IPENZ Directors and Senior Office Holders – about what works well and what we might want to do differently or focus on in our current environment. I am also enjoying informal feedback with some external stakeholders, including Members. All these conversations will shape my thinking, actions and decisions as I clarify organisational priorities for the next 12 to 18 months.

There have been many highlights and activities since I began working at IPENZ: university starting and orientation events; significant developments on IPENZ National Office’s IT systems’ change programme, with those involved beginning to see how we will really improve the Member experience; design work on IPENZ’s new website; Futureintech’s 2014 Annual Report; discussions with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on occupational regulation (which may not happen as quickly as first thought); ongoing disciplinary challenges – and much more. Not least we recently celebrated the project milestone end of the new Fixed Asset Management Software system.

I shall look forward to continuing to report back to the Membership on progress on these items and others as they emerge.

Susan Freeman-Greene
Chief Executive