02 June 2015

Get the app: IPENZ engineering tours

  • Screenshot of the Auckland Waterfront Walking Tour app.
  • The Ports of Auckland was first developed under the Auckland Provincial Government. Photo: Fletcher Construction.
  • The Ports of Auckland has been essential to New Zealand’s economy since early colonial times. Photo: Fletcher Construction.

A new app, IPENZ Engineering Tours, has been developed. Its purpose is to showcase the engineering that shaped New Zealand through a range of self-guided tours.

The app’s first available tours are the Auckland Waterfront Walking Tour and Wellington Engineering Heritage Tour. These tours were developed by the Auckland Branch and Wellington Engineering Heritage chapter and take people on a journey through New Zealand’s engineering heritage and innovative present.

Using each tour’s map and directions, you can navigate your way around featured places, learning about New Zealand’s engineering legacies and the people who made them happen.

Tours have text descriptions of engineering places illustrated with historic and recent photographs, and feature links for those interested in exploring the subjects further.

You can download the IPENZ Engineering Tours app free of charge from the Apple or Google app stores.

This is an ongoing project and new tours will be added to the app regularly. If your Branch has an idea for a tour please email our Heritage Advisor