01 September 2014

Engineering Insight September/October 2014 – Changing Environment

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What’s happening to our environment? How can engineers help make sure it’s good for today’s and future generations?

In this issue

The Party Lines

Political parties generally agree energy efficiency and energy conservation are important. However, they vary in their enthusiasm for the various programmes run by government agencies to promote those two goals.

E-Waste – The Toxic Block

Our throwaway habit is creating a gigantic e-waste pile. As big tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple fight to outsell each other, they measure success by market share and profit. Their customers measure them by their innovation. In recent years, many concerned onlookers have begun judging the industry by the millions of tonnes of waste it produces annually.

Where are we heading?

How do the youngest members of the profession see their fields of engineering benefitting the environment?

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