Innovation – what is it really, how is it done and how can it save your business? No buzzwords or fluff

When 11 Aug 2017, 8:30 AM

Duration One Hour

Cost $80 ex GST (screen sharing discounts available)

Location Webinar

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Innovate or die. Darwin indicated that it’s not the fastest or the strongest that survive, but those who can adapt.  Adaptation in business has become essential as technology and societal changes rapidly erode classical sources of business advantage. If you are not innovating, your competitors will and you will join the ranks of the obsolete.

This webinar presents an overview of how innovation can be structured so that anyone can innovate – it’s not the task of the innovation manager or some smart people. It’s actually a process of making changes that add value to areas that will make a difference.

The webinar will present a background to innovation to clarify the need for it as well as how it fits with the core capabilities of any business. We will then explore ways in which any organisation can innovate to improve its products, processes, business models and operations. We will specifically look at using innovation to identify business opportunities.

Learning outcomes

How do you win business? Innovation is critical to make you stand out from the crowd – keeping in mind your competitors went to the same universities, use the same formulae and for them gravity is also 9.81 m/s2. It’s therefore important to understand what innovation actually is, why it’s needed and how it’s done. Delegates who attend the webinar will receive:

  • an introduction to the basic needs of a business – to gain an advantage in its market
  • an insight into why we need to innovate. This includes factors that impact on the organisation, specifically competitive forces and the threats of substitution or even new entrants into your area
  • awareness and understanding of obsolescence, change and staying relevant. The one constant we experience these days is change – it can destroy any relevance or advantage you may have
  • where does innovation fit into our business or work? It will be shown how any organisation really operates: the role of competencies, capacity to operate and culture form your capability that needs to be kept relevant
  • how to innovate – it is for everybody, not just the nerds. We will provide some frameworks that will prompt product, service, process and opportunity innovation. It is not rocket science, it is structured common sense.
  • some tools that will take you outside the square. These will help you ask the right questions so that you can come up with the needed changes that will add value
We will end on some remarks to make you aware of how to build an innovative workplace and culture.

Presenter information

Piet Beukman

Piet is the Director of the Engineering Management Programme at the University of Canterbury. An accomplished “pracademic”, Piet offers 41 years of experience in the aerospace, military, marine engineering, venture capital, commercialisation and consulting industries. He is influential in developing best practice methods for the effective execution of engineering activities. He is highly regarded in New Zealand and internationally as a practitioner with a sound track record of achievement for using a practical, but rigorous, approach.

Piet has presented numerous short courses for local and international organisations including consulting firms, contractors, technology companies, district and city councils, electricity, infrastructure organisations and government departments.