Other Registers for Professional Engineers

Chartered Professional Engineers have access to the International Professional Engineers Register (IntPE(NZ)) and can also become Recognised Engineers or Design Verifiers. These are assessed against the same standard. You must meet some additional requirements to Register successfully.

International Professional Engineers Register (IntPE(NZ))

We’ve signed two agreements establishing international Registers for professional engineers:

These two agreements have the same Registration requirements, so we operate a single New Zealand section of both Registers called the International Professional Engineer Register (IntPE(NZ)).

How to become an International Professional Engineer

As well as demonstrating current competence against the standard for professional engineers, you must have:

  • A Washington Accord-accredited qualification
  • Two years in charge of significant engineering work.
  • Seven years of postgraduate professional engineering experience.

Design Verifier

Design Verifiers carry out design verification in one or more of the following equipment categories:

  • Pressure Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Passenger Ropeways.

Design Verifiers must hold current competence certificates issued by a Qualifications Issuing Agency, such as IPENZ.

How to become a Design Verifier

To apply for Design Verifier Registration you’ll need to meet the required Chartered Professional Engineering standard in a practice area that includes one or more of the categories of design verification work.