Certified Engineering Technician (CertETn)

The Certified Engineering Technician (CertETn) register is governed under the IPENZ Regulations for Competence Registers (PDF 272KB).

When you apply to become a Certified Engineering Technician you can also apply for Associated Membership of IPENZ (AIPENZ) – the standard for both is the same.

What is an engineering technician?

If you’re an engineering technician, you’ll:

  • Deal with well-defined engineering problems and activities requiring knowledge and use of established analytical techniques and procedures
  • Have a Dublin Accord-accredited qualification (a two-year New Zealand Diploma in Engineering) or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

How to become a Certified Engineering Technician

You need to demonstrate your competence for independent practice against our competence standard for engineering technicians.

Continued Registration

You need to pay an annual registration fee and demonstrate you still meet the standard for a Certified Engineering Technician. You’ll be reassessed at least every six years – your most recent assessment will determine how long until your next one.

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