Peroze Irani

I was born in India but have lived in Auckland for 17 years. You could say I'm Persian. I’m currently studying my second degree which is Mechatronics (Hons) at Massey University. I have previously studied a Bachelor of Science where I gained my programming background at Auckland University, and also have studied a Diploma of Engineering majoring in Electronics. You can say I've had my fair share of experience in the academic spotlight.

I want to be an engineer because I am constantly intrigued by the workings of the world around me. Often I am left in fascination as I come across unfamiliar technology and start digging deeper, learning how it works and where these designs came from. I strongly believe that applying and developing innovation that engineering cultivates brings us closer to the future.

As the SENZ rep for my tertiary institution I hope to achieve a strong connection with my peers and colleagues. I wish for students to be able to have the luxury of following into a career path that suits their interests as appose to graduating and taking whatever job they can find to make ends meet. This can only be achieved if students exercise the use of my role in IPENZ and get in touch with the industry around them.

Engaging with IPENZ as an engineering student creates a healthy culture between the engineering companies among us. These sorts of relationships will not only push you forward as an individual but will give the support needed to take current roles and grow further.

In my spare time I love to just throw on a pair of fat pants, make myself a cup of tea, and submerge myself in a good book. It is absolutely important to get out of the house too, and quite often I'm out of Auckland having adventures and exploring the several treks around us. I also love buying several electronic modules and piecing together small projects in the workshop, because what's cooler than being able to open your curtain with your phone?

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