Ashleigh Philpott

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons.) majoring in Food Product Technology at Massey University – Palmerston North.

I want to be an engineer because I've always loved working with food and developing new products and ideas. Growing up near Auckland and driving past Tip Top Corner gave me the passion I have for food. Studying engineering will get me into my dream job of a Research and Development Technologist, one who hopefully can make amazing new flavours of ice cream!

As SENZ Chair I hope to provide a welcoming platform where SENZ representatives can come to me and ask for advice and make the most out of their time on the committee. I hope to work with my university to teach students about the benefits of engineering and get them involved with the wider community.

Engaging with IPENZ as an engineering student gives you so many more options when you leave university. You'll get interviewing experience, networking opportunities and build general communication skills. It helps you gain confidence as a student engineer and will provide support throughout your engineering career.

In my spare time I love to bake and try new recipes, all of which my flatmates happily scoff down. The rest of my time is spent living at uni and socialising with my friends.

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