Graduate Membership

We’re here to help you make the move from tertiary education to working life. Graduate Membership comes with many professional development opportunities and benefits as you embark on your engineering career.

Why become a Graduate Member?

Build your network and perfect your interpersonal skills

Become part of the wider engineering community by joining Engenerate, our special interest group for emerging professionals, or attending our Branch events. You’ll make new friends and professional connections. Develop your leadership skills and get experience in organising events and public speaking by getting involved in your local Branch or Engenerate committee.

Receive encouragement and support

Get access to professional development and online tools as you work towards achieving a competence-based Membership class. Members get special rates on our CPD courses

Demonstrate commitment to professionalism

Show pride in your profession and ongoing commitment to professional development by including the GIPENZ post-nominal in your email signature and on your business cards.

Keep up to date

Graduate Membership also includes subscription to our full range of publications and the monthly Engenerate e-newsletter.

Know your worth

Our remuneration survey provides an up-to-date view of the remuneration trends in the engineering profession. Take control of your career and make sure you’re being rewarded fairly for your commitment. 

Plan your next steps

If you’re thinking about deepening your technical capabilities or moving into management, our career development pathways can set you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Membership criteria

If you hold a tertiary engineering qualification accredited by us, or one that can be benchmarked to an equivalent standard, you’re eligible to join as a Graduate Member.

If you’re already a Student Member, you’ll retain your Membership after completing your undergraduate studies until 30 June. During this time you’ll get a sampler of the many benefits of full Graduate Membership – including the opportunity to attend Engenerate events.

Apply for Graduate Membership