Engineering geologists

We recognise the important contribution engineering geologists make to many engineering teams and we feel it’s important that you are better represented within, and by, the Institution.

Geologists eligible for IPENZ membership

From October, engineering geologists will be eligible for all levels of IPENZ membership. Current PEngGeol registrants, will be eligible for the new Chartered Member class. They will be known as Chartered Members (Engineering Geologist) and we are proposing the post nominal CMIPENZ (PEngGeol). This will provide the same level of recognition of competence they currently enjoy through PEngGeol registration, with all of the benefits of IPENZ membership as well.

Protected status

The assessment criteria and process for CMIPENZ (PEngGeol) will be the same as the current PEngGeol assessment and will not devalue the standard or status associated with attaining PEngGeol.

Our membership will be searchable on our website so an online listing of those who have met the PEngGeol standard will continue to be available.  We will also be communicating with Councils and Territorial Authorities so that they understand the change.

Professional development and ethics

The new Chartered Member class will require continuing professional development (CPD) and an annual commitment to the IPENZ Code of Ethical Conduct. Chartered Members will have their CPD reviewed periodically. This will replace reassessment of competence as currently required to maintain PEngGeol registration. This approach is consistent with professional recognition models for engineering professionals overseas and for other professions in New Zealand.