Current member transition

We’ll be informing members individually of how these changes will affect them. In general, most members will transition to their new membership class in September 2017 automatically.

Current class New class (with proposed post nominals)
Student Member Student Member
Graduate Member - GIPENZ (recent) Emerging Professional Member
Graduate Member - GIPENZ (over five years’ experience) Member - post nominal TBC
Professional Member - MIPENZ Chartered Member - CMIPENZ
Technical Member - TIPENZ Chartered Member - CMIPENZ (Engineering Technologist)
Associate Member - AIPENZ Chartered Member - CMIPENZ (Engineering Technician)
Affiliate Member (engineering geologists) Chartered Member - CMIPENZ (PEngGeol)
Fellow - FIPENZ Fellow - FIPENZ
Distinguished Fellow - DistFIPENZ Distinguished Fellow - DistFIPENZ

Are the fees changing?

We’ve tried wherever possible to align current fees with the new classes.

The key difference is for the Emerging Professional class, which has graduated pricing. This starts with free membership until 1 October (after their qualification is conferred), then 25%, 50% and 75% of the Member fee before paying full Member price.

The fee for all Chartered Members is the same and aligned to the current Professional Member pricing.