CPEng registration

Registration and membership are two separate things. You can be both a Chartered Member of IPENZ and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). Our new Chartered Member class recognises engineers who’ve reached an internationally recognised level of experience and competence, measured through an assessment.

If you don’t need CPEng for your work, being a Chartered Member is a new way to recognise your competence. If you are CPEng, being a Chartered Member as well gives you membership benefits. The new membership pathway does not affect your CPEng status.

The Government has signaled changes to the way engineering is regulated. This is likely to mean a new occupational licensing regime for engineers doing safety-critical work (initially structural, geotechnical and fire). We are getting ready for this change. Over the next few years, we will align CPEng to focus on specific technical competence based on agreed Bodies of Knowledge for safety-critical areas.

What’s the difference?

Chartered Member Registration (CPEng)
General quality mark of competence and professionalism Mark of current competence
Benefits of IPENZ membership Independent of IPENZ and governed by CPEng Act 2002
Assessed once, with annual commitment to ongoing professional development and ethics Re-assessed at least every six years
Assesses general engineering competence to an internationally recognised standard Assesses general engineering competence to an internationally recognised standard with New Zealand specific technical competence (must use work examples from the last six years)
Basis of eligibility for international registers (IntPE, IntET, IntETn) from October May be required depending on your employer or type of work