Our new membership pathway

In October 2017, our membership structure will be changing. We’re creating a simpler and stronger pathway for all types of engineers. The new structure aligns with our strategic direction to achieve greater connection, credibility, influence and recognition for engineers in New Zealand.

We want to be the professional home for a wide range of engineers from all disciplines and at all stages of their careers. We want to encourage academics, senior managers, engineering geologists, technicians and technologists, as well as engineering professionals from the rapidly growing fields.

As part of our commitment to raising standards of ethics and professionalism, all members will be required to commit every year to the IPENZ Code of Ethical Conduct and continuing professional development.

Changes to the IPENZ Rules to allow this were agreed at our AGM in April. 


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Why change?

Our members want us to help lift the profile of the profession: they want us to generate recognition and influence, to enhance the profession’s credibility and to strengthen connections. As a result, we’ve come up with a new strategy for IPENZ focused on delivering these four things. The changes to our membership pathway will help deliver this and will address a range of issues reported by members:

  • It’s possible to spend your whole career as a Graduate Member, which isn’t appropriate after years’ of experience.
  • Assessment is perceived by many as overly onerous and technically focused, so not relevant for them.
  • We haven’t been inclusive enough of engineering technicians, technologists and geologists.
  • The public don’t have a clear understanding of the quality mark to look for in an engineer.

What about CPEng?

CPEng registration and membership are two different things – and they will remain separate. 

If you currently are CPEng, from 1 October you will be CPEng.

If you are currently CPEng and also a Professional Member of IPENZ, from 1 October you will be CPEng and also a Chartered Member of IPENZ.