IPENZ Foundation Scholarships: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a New Zealand permanent resident to apply?

Yes, secondary school students who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, from anywhere in New Zealand, can apply for the national scholarships.

I have been away traveling for a Gap Year. Can I still apply for the scholarship?

Yes, students that left school in 2015 are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

I am a student in year 12, am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?

Yes, students that are in year 12 or 13 are eligible for the scholarship. However, it is expected that Year 12 students will be studying at university next year.

If I want to apply to more than one IPENZ scholarship, can I do that?

Applicants are able to apply to more than one IPENZ scholarship as long as they meet the criteria. However, they will only be eligible to receive one scholarship.

I do not have my NCEA scores yet, what should I do?

The Scholarship Committee recognizes that students will still be in the process of receiving their NCEA scores after the application closes. The application database will reopen in January to allow students to add their NCEA scores. More information about this will be emailed to applicants. 

Where should my referee send their recommendation letter?

Please ask your referee to email their reference form directly to foundation@ipenz.org.nz

Can I have a close family friend or relative write my character reference?

No, references should not be written by a family friend or relative. This will detract from your overall application.

I accidentally clicked “No” when filling out the beginning of the application form and can no longer move forward with my application.

Once you hit “No” for the required answers on your application, you will no longer be able to move forward in the SmarterSelect application form. Should you accidentally hit the wrong button, the next best step is to use a different email and apply with that one. Make sure you take note of which email address you’ve used as all updates will be sent to that address. 

I never received a confirmation email after submitting the application form.

If you did not receive a confirmation, please email the Foundation giving your name and the scholarship you are applying for. The Foundation can then check to see if your application went through. 

Do I need to be an IPENZ member to apply to the scholarship?

No, you do not need to be a member of IPENZ to apply for the IPENZ Foundation undergraduate scholarships.

What are the criteria for deciding who receives the scholarship?

These include involvement in the community, academic merit, and interest and enthusiasm in engineering as a career

Who makes the decision on the scholarships?

A scholarship assessor reviews an applicant’s involvement in the community, academic merit, and interest and enthusiasm in engineering as a career. The assessor then presents the IPENZ Foundation Board of Trustees with a list of qualified candidates. The Board makes the final decisions.

The national scholarships are assessed by two national assessors. For the regional scholarships, the local branch has an assessment committee who also reviews applications.

What is the difference between the regional and the national IPENZ scholarships?

The regional scholarships are a partnership between the relevant IPENZ regional branch and the IPENZ Foundation. The national scholarships are awarded solely by the IPENZ Foundation.

When will I find out if I am successful?

Please refer to the Timeline located on the IPENZ Foundation website for dates.

I’ve received a scholarship from another organisation – will this affect my ability to receive an IPENZ scholarship?

Applicants who have received scholarships from other organizations worth more than $5000 will not be eligible for an IPENZ Foundation Scholarship.

When is the scholarship paid?

Scholarships are paid shortly after they are confirmed; recipients need to provide proof of enrolment in courses for the upcoming academic year.

Are there any obligations on scholarship winners?

IPENZ may arrange media publicity and ask winners to be available for media interviews. Scholarship winners will be required to provide a mid-year essay about their studies and how the scholarship has assisted in their goal to study engineering.