Supreme Technical Awards for Engineering Achievers

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These awards are offered every two years in eight engineering fields. They recognise excellence and leadership in engineering practice over someone’s career to benefit the engineering profession.

To be considered you need to be a member of IPENZ, and you need to be nominated.

Nominations are now closed. The awards will be presented at the Fellows’ and Achievers’ Awards in Wellington on 7 April.


Freyssinet Award for Building and Construction

Design and construction of buildings, including fire engineering, building services, geotechnical, structural and earthquake engineering. Bridges and dams are excluded.

Angus Award for Water, Waste and Amenities

Design, construction and operation of reliable supply services to communities and/or distribution networks for water supply, water storage, waste water, flood works, community amenities (such as swimming pools), beaches, marinas, and solid waste. Transportation, communications and energy services are excluded.

Skellerup Award for Chemical, Bioprocess and Food

Development of improved or new bioprocess technology involving chemical processes, biological processes, food processing, storage and specialised transport and materials handling.

Evan Parry Award for Energy Systems

Design, development, implementation or operation of improved or new products or services for generation, transmission, reticulation or use of gas and electricity. This includes motor and engine technology.

How to nominate a candidate

  • Complete the nomination form.
  • Find a referee to support the nomination and include their contact details. The referee should be an engineer or involved in engineering activities.
  • Obtain a letter of support from the referee that addresses the judging criteria.
  • Include a CV.
  • Provide any supporting evidence you think will be helpful.
  • Email the nomination form and supporting materials to

Judging criteria

Candidates must demonstrate technical expertise in engineering as exemplified by contributions to advancing engineering practice, innovation or technical breakthroughs. This may include:

  • Technical papers that advance knowledge.
  • Recognition by others as a leader in a practice area.
  • Track record of creating new solutions to engineering problems.
  • Major improvements in engineering practice through codification or standard development.
  • Ingenious new artefacts, products, systems or services with enhanced properties.

Award history

We recognise technical excellence in a wide sense, focusing on advancing engineering knowledge and its application in practice. In 2005 we renamed many of our awards using titles that acknowledge their history and the people who have had an influence on IPENZ.