Awards & Scholarships

Every year we recognise your excellence, achievement and service to engineering.  We do this by offering you the opportunity to apply or be nominated for several awards.

We also provide, or promote, various scholarships and fellowships to help you develop as an engineer. 

Take a look at the following awards, fellowships and scholarships to see if you’re eligible.


We offer eight awards for technical expertise, commitment to the profession and the community, and leadership.

Neighbourhood Engineers Awards

The Neighbourhood Engineers Awards offer students the opportunity to work with engineers on practical projects within their school or local community.

Royal Honours

There are many IPENZ Members who should be thanked and recognised nationally for a job well done. One of the best ways to do this is to nominate them for a New Zealand honour.

Scholarships and Fellowships

To help you with your studies or to develop as an engineer consider applying for an engineering scholarship or fellowship